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Something about hockey

Working for a major newspaper has never been about the perks for the little guy or gal. I’ve had some great opportunities, to be sure, like photographing concerts, and that fun SkyCycle project. But there have never been any real perks. As in, things you get to do that are fun and great without it being related to a project you’re working on.

This weekend, finally (and ironically), a perk trickled down my way.


My friend Tyler down in Sports was given some comp “luxury suite” tickets for the Coyotes-New York Ranger’s game. It was then that I realized I’ve never been to a hockey game, let alone watched it from a nice, lux suite.


The view was fantastic.


It’s the only way to watch a game!

Right below us on the stands, a teenager got hit by a puck, and was spitting blood and, apparently, some teeth. No thanks.


You don’t need to understand hockey to be truly amazed by those guys out there. Seeing them skate, move, run, stop, turn around, push each other, ALL while on ice, is ridiculous. I have a hard time doing any of those on solid ground. They make you forget they’re on this hard, unforgiving, slippery surface.



Coyotes win 3-2. They were leading 3-0 most of the game, but the Rangers stepped it up toward the end and almost tied it.

I think I would go to more sporting events if I got invited to more suites.