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Garage with a view


Acapulco has pockets of unusual beauty everywhere you turn. A city that once thrived on international tourism, is now a shadow of its former self. Dilapidated buildings and abandoned high-rises dot the landscape. It’s easy to come here and spend the entire time working or at the yacht club — a bubble of wealth in a run-down neighborhood.

Often, I’m the lone voice wanting to head out into the city and explore the little corners, and sample the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I do it because of scenes like these: the mysterious story behind The Taxi by the Pool. I do it because of the things and people you don’t see everyday and will never see again. You get one chance to walk by these scenes. You can spend that chance working, or watching TV, or getting a drink at the bar. Or you can take a walk by a neighborhood, and think about the people who live there. Maybe you meet some of them. Maybe you run into a new condo building still under construction, and the guard lets you go to the empty apartments still missing walls and balcony railings.


Featured Photography Portraits of Sailing Sailing

Retratos en el agua

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jugando con la cámara nueva, y no hay mejor lugar que en el agua. Entre la competencia y todo lo demas, no hay mucho tiempo, pero aquí hay algunos de los retratos que logre tomar. Usando un lente fijo de 50mm, 1.8f.





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January One Design Weekend

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Rode along with the folks from SDYC Race Committee. Etchells and J105 racing in very light breeze. Thanks for Jeff Johnson and the Race Committee team for letting me come along. I’m super excited about what this new camera can do.




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Portraits of Sailing, Acapulco

Just a series of photographs of the people I sail with. Part one is here.


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Peligroso Sailing in Acapulco, Mexico


Every last weekend of the month, el Club de Yates de Acapulco hosts two days of racing. They bring together a decent fleet of big boats for some competitive and fast racing. Saturday is usually a couple of windward/leeward races, and Sunday is typically one long race around the bay.

For this trip, I borrowed a camera and lenses from some friends, and resolved to come back with some decent photos. Special thanks to Brett and Courtney for lending me gear, knowing full well it would be used in a somewhat precarious environment. I also have some video, which will take me a while to edit, as I’m trying to learn Premiere as I go. But in the meantime, hope you enjoy the photos!

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Crossing the finish line

Both boats I was one this weekend failed to cross the finish line at some point. One abandoned the second race due to a spectacular equipment failure that left a brand new jib ripped in half and a hole in the main (the hole was square, therefore we concluded not the result of a cannonball, so there’s that).  In the other boat, we did two of the three races, but a crew member was not feeling well, so it was decided not to participate in the last race. Since the boat is from King Harbor, they sailed back straight away. My car was at Cal Yacht club so I jumped on the mark-set boat at the finish, which graciously offered to give me a ride back to shore.

Since there was still one race to go, I got to watch most of the other boats cross the finish line. I wasn’t in a particular photo-taking mood, but you can’t pass up a shot like this when you see it. It was the one and only shot I got.

Bud Long Beach Race Week Photography Sailing TP52

Long Beach Race Week 2012

On board TP52 Bud for Long Beach Race Week 2012, through the eyes of Instagram.

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The view from the terrace


The house of my childhood has this view from its back terrace. Growing up, only two or three buildings dotted the landscape. When my grandmother first moved into the house, the back terrace faced unspoiled rainforest. It’s as if she has had front row seats to the passing of time.

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Dan Tana’s


No George Clooney sightings.