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Garage with a view

There are intriguing images and stories everywhere we go. The Taxi by the Pool is one of them.


Acapulco has pockets of unusual beauty everywhere you turn. A city that once thrived on international tourism, is now a shadow of its former self. Dilapidated buildings and abandoned high-rises dot the landscape. It’s easy to come here and spend the entire time working or at the yacht club — a bubble of wealth in a run-down neighborhood.

Often, I’m the lone voice wanting to head out into the city and explore the little corners, and sample the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I do it because of scenes like these: the mysterious story behind The Taxi by the Pool. I do it because of the things and people you don’t see everyday and will never see again. You get one chance to walk by these scenes. You can spend that chance working, or watching TV, or getting a drink at the bar. Or you can take a walk by a neighborhood, and think about the people who live there. Maybe you meet some of them. Maybe you run into a new condo building still under construction, and the guard lets you go to the empty apartments still missing walls and balcony railings.


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