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Two days on the water

If you were to ask my body if it had a good time this weekend sailing the Midwinters in Marina del Rey, it would tell you that it’s seen better days. I was about to start counting bruises and cuts on my arms and legs, but decided against it after a cursory glance that turned into overwhelming dismay. Note to self: do not wear dresses or shorts for a while less the public in general think I’ve suffered at the hands of an abusive boyfriend.

Physical pain aside, it was great to see everyone two days in a row and feel like a little amphibious family who despite having intermittent disagreements, always come back because divorce is too expensive, and for God’s sake think of the kids.

Remember the camera that came back from the dead? Well, the little beast continues its slow descent into oblivion. It turns on and off sporadically, sometimes turning on, but not actually showing anything on the screen. The lens is clearly full of dust or something, and at times seems hesitant to focus on the right things. In the meantime, I’m still taking it on joy rides out on the water, and trying to capture a glimpse of that life I love.

Both days were excellent sailing conditions — lots of wind and sunshine.

“Ok mates, the start is in 4 minutes, I mean, 2 minutes, actually 8 minutes, nevermind, 4 minutes… no, wait.”

I was there too. Kynan happening on the water. Notice the return of my sailing sunglasses. These babies were my faithful companions in the Caribbean and I was bummed to have lost them and equally stoked when I found them!

Jorge is probably a) calling someone a pinche something, b) extolling on the virtues of Chile, c) discussing Ginger’s fruity breath.

The Lugano family looks so happy to be out on the water!

As I was dutifully fulfilling my role on the rail, I kept thinking how incredibly lucky I was to sitting there, surrounded by old friends and spending a weekend on the water. I remember thinking how lucky I was to have kept my heart open to that moment, and all moments preceding it, and everything that brought me to this day. There was this instance, this enlightenment in the sheer history of that moment — of everything that has happened since I first came sailing on Lugano that November day (by the way, an event documented on this very site!) in San Diego. I thought about how that day reawakened my dream to do Sea Semester, how that day made me eventually quit a job to fulfill the dream, how that day introduced me to incredible people who I hope will be lifelong friends. And how that day torpedoed my career in its current direction.

After I came back to Phoenix from that first outing on Lugano (technically, it was the Lugano crew on a different 40.7), I thought it would be great to put together a Web site for the team — as a way to ingratiate myself to them and as a fun project to use the skills I had just learned from a HTML / CSS workshop at the Arizona Republic. Then came freelance gigs from Mark, Vance and Ginger, which led me to learn more and more Web design, which in turn led to my job at IWS as a front-end developer, which then lead to my current job at USC.

Sitting there, I thought about the great times I’ve had with Lugano and its crew — how I would drive 6 hours for a weekend race from Phoenix, and crash at hostels in the Gaslamp District (I have such good memories of those times!) or fancy hotels (or was that just one time?). And there, sitting on that wet rail, on the perfect weekend day, it dawned on me how lucky to have been given that fork in the road and chosen to put on my foulies.

Congrats again to Lugano for taking 1st place! There are some weekends when things just flow and everyone’s hard work really shows in the results. This was one of those weekends.

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