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Santa Barbara and Friends

Out of my own volition, it would have never occurred to me visiting Santa Barbara. I had heard of it, but I had no idea what people do there, or why one would go there. Thankfully, I have friends who not only know of great places, but invite me along on their adventures. My friends drove from Phoenix, spent a day in LA, picked me up Friday night, and we drove north. Although the posts on this Web site don’t show it, there have been tiring and stressful moments trying to start a new life out here in Los Angeles, but seeing familiar, welcoming faces made me feel so at ease and happy.

The next day, we found a Farmer’s Market. It was full of life and color, and the feeling of community. I’ll have to find one near me, so I can get fresh produce and flowers.

Then we headed over to The Sacred Space. An incredible garden full of plants, ponds and an overall peaceful atmosphere. What a great place to clear your mind, think, read a book or just exists. Such a lovely place, I can’t wait to go back.

And then we rounded off the visit by going sailing, of course. It just so happened that Wendi’s friend is also part of a sailing team up in those parts, so they invited us out for a cruise on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes, I can’t believe how lucky I am.

But others…

Despite what seems like endless posts of a carefree life of sailing and beautiful landscapes, everything is not quite that perfect. I’m still homeless, and living out of bags and the kindness of others. Recently I remembered that fish and guests smell after three days. The combing through countless craigslists ads for roommates or apartments is a daunting and thankless task. I just started a new job, which is a bit of a commute, and that takes up a big chunk of my time. I know the bad should not overshadow the good. And yet at times it does.

Right now, I’m thankful for good friends, and the wonderful time we had this weekend, eating chocolate croissants, great food and inspirational conversations. Though I have never thought of Santa Barbara before, I’m excited to make a road trip back up there. And it will be even better if good friends come along for the ride once again.

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Oh, Boo, I feel you! I am so happy, though, that so many people are being hospitable. I just read an old book, A Passage to India, and a reoccurring theme is that one should always give, not lend. I am sure those who have put you up feel that way. People can be shockingly good a lot of the time.

But getting settled in a place is nice too, so hopefully you find a great place/roommate.

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