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What a life

Mark and his family invited me out to Catalina for the weekend.

On the way over, in the ferry, the guy working the bar on the upper level came over to chat with me. I took the Saturday 2:55 p.m. ferry from San Pedro, and it was relatively empty. He said he used to have a job that paid him a lot, but it was too stressful and he never spent anytime with his family. Now, he told me “I get done with work some days and say ‘This doesn’t suck’ .”

And that was the theme for the weekend, in fact the same statement was repeated by several random people I met.

Sunday night we had dinner on board a Lagoon 400 owned by a friend of Mark’s. Brothers Frank and Charles BBQ for us, and it was another lovely evening in which I felt I was living a life belonging to someone else.  I met some incredible people, with fascinating stories and lives.

Jody is sizing up the “real estate”. Early on Sunday morning, we went on a dinghy ride to adjacent coves, where some of the most incredible boats are moored. Mark explained the hierarchy of moorings, and how the more exclusive boats are at 4th of July and Cherry coves. He said there are wait lists to buy moorings, and that some boat owners are on those lists for 30+ years.

Mark was doubling down on those Buffalo Milk drinks. In his own words “I don’t think I left the bar all day Sunday.”

What a life.

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