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Travel Thursday: Catalina Island Sailing

It has been about three years (or more) since I’ve been telling myself that I’ll move to California to be closer to sailing. While I was on vacation in Los Angeles, I did a little Wednesday night sailing — and what best way to spend a mid-week afternoon than sailing? Then, on Saturday we sailed out to Catalina Island. The beginning of the race was slightly concerning since the winds were scant, and I was afraid the race would drag on forever,  but soon enough they picked up and propelled us forth toward BBQing and camping at a reasonable speed.

Catalina Island 2011

The approach to Catalina is stunning — the waves hitting the rocky surface, the sounds and even the slightly NSFW rock formations that the guys gleefully pointed out. I tried taking some video, but failed miserably since I was trying to trim at the time (trying because I’m still not very good at it, so it was more a good-will effort with a lot of direction from Mark and Jorge).

Jorge’s Argentinian BBQ was the talk of the grill.

Will and Chris give us their best camping faces.

We raced back on Sunday with variable winds. Mostly light but picking up toward the finish. This was one of the most enjoyable races for me because, since we were short-handed, I got to do a lot and learn a lot. I really hate leaving after these sailing trips. As you can imagine, it’s hard for me to practice what Jorge so diligently and brilliantly teaches me when I must inevitable return to the desert. Overall, Lugano did well, or so I heard. I’ve not been able to find the result online at all. Every time I go to Cali I meet new and interesting people, but I suppose it’s usually like that when you’re on vacation. I’m sad to be missing out on Long Beach Race Week this weekend, but I’ll be cheering for Lugano from Arizona.

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