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Not the greatest video, mind you.

Seeing marine life in any shape or form is incredibly exciting to me. While sailing on Mother Cramer, dolphins would swim alongside, surfing on the waves created as the ship breaks through the water. Everyone would peer over the side in a sort of calm awe. Off the coast of California, we were accompanied by dolphins for a brief period, and it reminded me of gliding along those warm Caribbean waters. Below, just a short video of the sunset while sailing from Newport Beach to San Diego.

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I understand what you mean about watching sea life.

While camping in the Keys we went on a snorkeling trip to the living coral reefs and on the way there we kept looking for dolphins in the distance. There was one moment where we just got a tiny glimpse of maybe-possibly a dolphin and the boat captain stopped the boat so we could all try to see it. It was fun even though we didn’t see anything after that.

Right! I remember snorkeling in the Caribbean and just even seeing all the different fish, starfishes, corals, and how excited everyone would get, it was amazing! I really need to move somewhere closer to the water.

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