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A little sailing video

During the transit from Key West to Charleston we were booking it with Force 6 winds and 7-8 foot seas. Here’s a little snippet. I’m now regretting not doing more video. Oh well.

Sailing on the Cramer from patricia lapadula on Vimeo.

I have started a running list of things to do and people to call/email to catch up with. For now I’m focusing on the web projects that I had to put on pause before the trip. Then I’m figuring out some job options on the horizon. Thanks to everyone who has given me leads on things happening at their papers.


Photo by Jeff Schell.

Here I am at the helm while going through the Haiti/Isle de Tortue passage. It would be cool to have a little get together in PHX when I get back. I could hook up the computer to a big screen TV and have a little viewing party with all my peeps there. It’d be a swell way to see everyone and share photos and tales of the high seas.

It’s good to be back, but I don’t know. I miss Cramer and my shipmates. Before we went to sea, we were warned that it usually takes some adjustment coming back to land. I thought that was baloney. Now though, I realize how true that statement turned out to be. Through all the good and bad, that was our world, and to not be in it… Well, it’s weird. The things that mattered, the boat checks, the wake-ups, the bells, are meaningless on land. I guess it’ll just take some time to figure out once again what are the things that matter.


On the course yard. Photo by Maggie Welch.

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wish i could take credit for that picture, but it was actually james. he was just a fool and downloaded everything into my file!

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