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Desde Republica Dominicana

Mother Cramer. She speaks to you!

Hello there, still alive and having breakfast in Samana, Dominican Republic.

I’ve been living in another world. Seriously. It´s hard to explain how different life on board a moving ship can be. The rules are all different, from how you eat, to how you speak (it´s another language), to how you sleep, walk, shower, everything is done differently. And it’s easy to constantly feel like a total idiot.

But as you stumble on deck for night watch, and you look up at the starry sky. A sky so full of stars, that you cannot help but to stop for several minutes and wonder how you ever lived without experiencing it.

And then you have bow watch, which is an hour of standing at the very forward part of the boat, by yourself, communing with the wind and maybe God if you choose.

Those are the quiet moments in between taking down sails, often in the middle of the night, with nothing but a net separating you and the deep, black ocean.

I have so many stories to tell, and I´m doing my best to keep them in my journal to eventually share. I´ve met so many amazing people, and I´m often been moved by the kindness of random strangers who have nothing to gain but a shared moment with you. The only moment.

Don’t have much time, so for now I’ll leave you with some photos! Enjoy and catch you in Port Antonio, Jamaica maybe in about 10 days!


Here you go Mel, a picture of me. Enjoying the water in St. Croix.





For my Lugano peeps. Hot Rum hat is on!



This is what the saloon looks like. It’s where we eat and some sleep. You can see Tim B creeping out from his bunk. The tables are built on gimbals, which move the table back and forth with the movement on the boat. Pretty cool, but it can be nerve racking to see the table slope so much that its entire contents might end up on your lap.


In St. Martin and in Dominican Republic


Los Haitises. We went kayacking here. More picture later on!


Super adorable kids in the mountains on the Dominican Republic. Notice crocs.


Playa del Rincon

Alright, heading out to explore more of Samana, maybe get a little R&R. Lord knows we get very little of that while on the boat. But I’m becoming a complete sailor, from weather expert to getting some sea legs. PS, its down to two students (myself included) who have not gotten seasick. I think that is pretty good. We will see if I can hold on to that title.

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great pictures…the water looks amazing!

I know what you mean about the stars. That is the one thing I miss the most of living in Panama; going to the many beautiful islands and just staring at all the stars around the jungle.

While you are gone….

You may need to carry your passport at all times once you return “home” :S

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