Hello from St. Maarten/ St. Martin

Lounging in St. Maarten at the moment. Sailing on the Cramer has been a lot of effing work, but at night, looking at the stars with NOTHING around. All worth it. At the moment I don’t have very many words, or time (we’re hijacking a computer from a resort we’re not staying at) to explain the amazing experiences so far.

St. Croix was beautiful, we went snorkeling with our Chief Scientist and we managed to fit 7 people in a Chevy Cavalier. That takes skills right there.

The adventure continues. I’ve learned a TON of stuff about sailing, knots, coils, and I’ve even been the steward for a day! I’m proud to report that I’m on the short list of people who haven’t gotten seasick yet. Ha! But we’ve got a lot of ocean to cover yet.

Right now, I’ve got a drink waiting for me at the bar, and an amazing beach.

Then back to ship and back to watches, cleaning heads (toilets) and washing dishes.

So it all evens out in the end. Haven’t had time to edit photos but maybe next port stop.

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