Quissett Harbor

Yesterday we explored Quissett Harbor in Woods Hole. Our assignment was to draw an “interpretation” of the harbor and an object from nature. What at first seemed like a random task requiring artistic skills, eventually made sense when we discussed how explorers had to create their own maps, and also had to be naturalists in some respect. They had to document new lands and species, often by drawing them. And then there’s the concept that a lot of those first documentations were biased depending on what the goal of the expedition had been and who had sponsored the voyage.







After a lengthy discussion on map making, I realized that my sorry excuse of locators maps at the AZ Republic are NOT really map-making. It’s tracing Google Maps. Not the same.

UPDATE: By popular demand..


You can sort of see it’s the house from the third photo. Clearly I was thinking more along the artistic lines than the location/scale accuracy.

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I don’t know, you always made locators with such finesse! This sounds like a creative approach to teaching you cartography. Put up your drawing!

Agreed…I assumed I would see your drawing as I scrolled and it was such a total LET DOWN that it was not…
🙂 Being completely dramatic of course.

Ladies, I added the drawing.

Aw, A-boo. Thanks! Glad to know my feeble attempts at map-making were appreciated! How’s the Rep holding up?

Michelle, dramatic is what we’re all about here at Casita Lapadula. Hope the addition of the drawing makes life worth living again.

I guess both the Lapadula and Villalobos sides blend in well together then 🙂

And yes it TOTALLY made my day!! It’s lovely, very homey, you should frame it…if they let you keep it

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