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SEA Campus in Falmouth/Woods Hole

If I was looking for a different scenery from Arizona, well, I found it.

The bus ride from Boston to Falmouth (The ‘u’ is silent, and I have the hardest time pronouncing that name) was picturesque, as is this whole area from what little I saw. The people at SEA have been amazing, particular lovely Debbie, who came to pick me up at the bus depot.


The Madden Center where we will be having classes. Debbie asked me if I was prepared for the classes, as they’re known to be challenging. So for all y’all who thought this was some sort of a pleasure cruise with Taye Diggs at the end, yeah, no.


There are four houses on the premises, though for this particular class, we will only be using two. I’m all by my lonely self right now in this big house, surrounded by what appears to be dark nothingness, and with noisy pipes. Horror movies are based on this stuff.

All kidding aside, this place is beautiful.


More photos to come, as I just cannot get enough of the picture-taking around here, but for now I just wanted to give you a little taste of Northeastern heaven. I cannot wait to explore this whole area!

4 replies on “SEA Campus in Falmouth/Woods Hole”

That place is gorgeous! Isn’t snow fun? And I just realized that my work has an office in Woods Hole, hehe. 😉

Names in the Northeast are pretty tricky, I too have discovered. There’s a metro stop with “Grosvenor” and I have no idea how to say it.

Can’t wait to see more about SEA. So proud and excited for you, hon!

The question is why NOT Taye Diggs?

Snow is aight. It’s a novelty for me, but I don’t think I’d want it in the amounts D.C. is getting.

I wasn’t shooting down the idea of Taye Diggs…I was just curious if there was an inside joke I was not privy to.

If it is simply Taye Diggs for the pure fact of having Taye Diggs, well then I’m on board that ship 😉

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