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Hot Rum Regatta III

Just got back this morning from the latest and greatest race in the Hot Rum Regatta. It was a cloudy day out on Sunday, and although the winds were looking rather non-existent from land, once we got out there, they picked up here and there. And it was good.


The cloudiness of the day really gave these photos a different vibe from the usual sunny sailing photos abounding in this website.





I’m taking it to the next level with some video…

I’ll write a bit more about my trip to San Diego sometime later this week. I’ve got a great story that will pull at your heartstrings. It involves tamales. I know.

Also, I’ll say that nothing beats Southwest’s $25 tickets!

But in the meantime, go check out Jaimee Rose’s fantastic story about Stephanie Nielson, who was involved in a plane crash last year that left her seriously burned. This is the first part, with a second part coming up next Sunday. The photography by Cheryl Evans is also amazing.  I was involved with some of the coding, design and random-stuff-put-together-upper. And I’m truly proud to be associated with the project in any way.

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