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This website has always focused on my photography, particularly my concert photography, but I also work on online projects here and there. We’ve had a few trainings at work to improve our multimedia skills. Until recently we were working with HTML and CSS. I particularly started playing with JQUERY.

I wanted to share a project I undertook, mainly to have something to practice on that, in the end, could potentially have some applicable use. I would like to have a more comprehensive portfolio of online work. I have the skills to put together portfolio-type personal websites, so I figure, why not market those skills? Since lot of people nowadays are interested in having their own .coms.

So I combined three things I like: photography, web-design and sailing into one project:

Click on the image to go to the site, or HERE. It’s not really ready to “go live” as they say. The text is mostly just whatever, but it gives you an idea of what the website could look like.

Now, moving onto Flash. For years, I’ve been stuck with ActionScript 2, but we’ve just started learning AS3, and hopefully I’ll have a few more project coming my way to develop those skills further. Here’s an interesting project I worked on last week, about what’s probably the WORST marathon on the face of the planet. It’s 135 miles right through Death Valley, in JULY. Check out the photos, soundslides and story. It’s just fascinating that people, sane people, willingly choose to do something like this. You have to give ’em mad respect though.

I worked on the interactive graphic part, but I also had to do quite a bit of research and (gasp!) math to get some of the time averages. Overall, an interesting project, but hopefully next time I’ll be able to code it with AS3 and save me a variety of headaches.

Anyone need a website? I’m what you’d call, cheap labor.

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Ooo, I love seeing people discover jQuery for the first time. Try not to over do it like I did and have sliders, dials and effects for everything imaginable making it confusing.

I like the site, has a nice clean look to it.

heeey girl!!!

i love the website!! great job! 🙂

sexiest boat with the sexiest people, of course!

also read your open letter to keith. hardy-har har! love it. maybe one day keith will invite you to sit in his laundry room. hope you are well. -L

Bill, thanks, glad you like it. Also, I hope I have not gone JQUERY crazy yet, although I can totally see how that could happen. It’s so easy to just plug into your code and make everything look Flash-like spiffy.

Hey Linhda, thanks! I’ve shown it to the skipper so it’s up to him to pass along whatever info, photos, etc., he wants to use. Everything up there is just a placeholder at the moment, to give an idea of what it could look like. Except the sexy crew part, that’s obviously a statement of fact. How’s your site coming along?

PS: Can you BELIEVE Keith Urban has not refunded me my money!?

Definitely agree with Bill about the site, looks great! I like the effect on the crew page. The only thing better on that page is your bio 😉

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