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Judas Priest @ Dodge Theatre

I got a ton of great photos from the Judas Priest show on Friday. Even though it was at the Dodge Theatre, which usually doesn’t have a pit for photographers. But since it was a heavy metal show, I guess they do put a barrier and some space between the crowd and the stage. The guys worked it out with goodwill, even with our cameras right in their noses. I love shooting these type of shows. Rob Halford and company were jumping around with tons of energy, making for easy good shots. There are a ton more photos over at, and you can go see them (but come back!) by clicking here.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed the website is looking different. Love it or hate it, I just wanted to try something radically different, and it’s a proven fact that photos look better on black backgrounds, or so I vaguely remember hearing at school. At any rate, I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon enough and try something new again. The banner was inspired by the sticker/photo pass that photographers get at every show. They’re all different, and some are pretty cool. I really liked the shape of the Judas Priest one, so I nabbed that one and Photoshoped the hell out of it.

I was excited about shooting the Bob Dylan show on Tuesday, but it was canceled because of the ‘heat’. WTF@3$%^ were the organizers expecting in an outdoor venue at 5 p.m. in AUGUST in PHOENIX? Did they think it was going to be mid-70s with a light breeze?

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These photos are great, if we can define a photo as a moment captured in time, these one makes honor to this. A lot of photographers allows the camera to do the job, but with your shots you are the boss telling the camera what you want on each frame. And who say that black and white is boring!

Your photo’s are wonderful…you are very talented…I really enjoy looking at your website and all your photo’s…but I laugh the most at your sarcastic comments…:-)

Hey Camille! Thanks! I’m glad you like the site. I find it therapeutic to vent, often to no one in particular, about how life manages to disappoint me on a regular basis. So you can imagine my reaction when I was asked to photograph the Toby KEITH concert. I was like, NOT ANOTHER KEITH!!! But that one went really well. Photos coming soon!

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