Matt & Talat

I’ve never really done any wedding photography, so I just did my best trying to capture moments. As far as posing goes, yeah, not sure about all that. I have to apologized to Talat and Korey (the girl doing T’s hair) for my tyrannical ways and just overall bossing around… must be how I react when I don’t know what I’m doing. I changed up the watermark/logo because they other one didn’t seem very wedding-ish. I felt like these photos called for something a bit classier. 

Photo-wise, I didn’t have anything other than my SLR (which I almost didn’t bring. Too much space in the suitcase!) and natural light. That’s usually the best anyways, right? Plug in Photoshop, add some filters that look like what I’ve seen in wedding photos, and voila. Did you know that a photographer can get paid multiple thousands of dollars to shoot a single wedding? 

I’m in the wrong business. 

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OMG you should like do this as a side job. You did a freakin awesome job. Use my pics as your starter profile. I can also be your reference hehe

I love the one of her sitting and fixing her dress. You don’t work on Saturdays … a side gig could be feasible…

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