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A speed cameras map, which I like to think of as my area of expertise (my beat if you’d like), ran on Friday’s A1. Cool to see my name on the cover of the paper, and I’ve yet to receive any angry emails about mistakes, though it is the weekend, so maybe I just need to give people some time.

Update: AtlasRider just asked for a link to a speed cameras Google map, which is totally helpful for us speeders! Here is it: Now kids, just remember these are only DPS cameras (basically only the ones on the highways). Every city has it’s own separate set of cameras, not shown.

Thanks go out to Chris George for refining the look of the map. I think often times designers go unrecognized, since they don’t put their names in credit lines. But they truly deserve as much credit as reporters or graphic artists.

Something I’ve also been pretty excited about is the growth of my html and css skills, learning how to use jquery. More on a project I’m working on for the sailing team once I have it further along.

Nothing much going on… the heat is getting up there, but that’s not new.

Ever since I housesat Manny’s place, where I caught a random episode of Showtime’s The Tudors, I’ve been hooked. Granted, I can’t afford Showtime but that’s what the internet is for, so I’ve been catching up with previous seasons. Just as good as the show is the Pop Tudors website that they have as a sort of “modern” day companion to the series. Hilarious. Check out the video recaps. Oh and the pie charts! Too funny.

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Congrats! Nice work there. My limited searching didn’t find one, but a Google Map with markers for the camera locations would be awesome. Do you have a list of the specific locations? I wouldn’t mind throwing it together.

Hey Bill, thanks!

As a matter of fact we do have a Google map of all DPS locations…

DPS also has a similar map. Interesting that neither shows up on a Google search…

I thought the research that Matt Wynn put together here was really interesting. So chances are that if you get flashed by a DPS camera, you won’t get the ticket in the mail. Just don’t mess with Tempe. They mean business…

You just reminded me of something. A few years ago, I did a tag-along with a police officer in North Carolina, and he had a real nice bike, so I rode in the back taking pictures (it was for a photo story for class). Good times, I’ll have to dig those up and post them… it was pretty interesting trying to hold on for dear life and take photos!

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