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Random post-moving thoughts

It’s been a brutal couple weeks. Moving: cruel and unusual punishment. Not to mention, damn expensive. Between deposits, installation fees for internet, electric, deposit for gas, furniture, etc., I’m broke. Oh, and it took the gas company TEN days to send someone out here (you’d think I live in the middle of nowhere, right? Nope, downtown Phoenix), so I spent several days taking cold water showers, which might not have been that bad this week, but the previous two week, it was not pleasant. Now I see why the peeps back in the day did not shower every day. Painful. Luckily, Manny asked me to house sit his place in Avondale, which amongst other perks like tons of movie channels and an awesome dog, had hot water. I’m all about the simple pleasures, people. 

Remember that sailing story I was writing? Well, it’s up on Cool site for the adventurer (or wannabe adventurer like myself), where you can make list of things you’d like to accomplish in life and then write about them once you do, post photos and such. It’s kinda awesome to see the different things people have done, and interesting to see what some people dream of doing. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you some ideas. 

This weekend, I made some time from the moving craziness to go a favorite spot of mine over at Cave Creek Coffee Company to check out Eddie Elliott, a local musician. Good performer, definitely a lot of stage presence and swagger, and great guitar skills too. The whole set up of this place is really different. It’s outdoors, but since the shows are at night, it’s not hell-fire hot. It’s a very intimate setting decorated with typical Arizona memorabilia. Here’s a not very good photo, but something is better than nothing. Blame the economy. What? Don’t you blame everything on the economy? I know I do… 

Speaking of hell-fire hot. It’s getting up there this week. The AC is currently on 85 but it still doesn’t shut off. Oy for power bills. Also, to my endless dismay, the Today show had a list of worst cities for hair, and Phoenix was number 5. Which I totally disagree with, because we have low humidity and second, who does these lists? And how did they research this? And I know I joke about it, but would people seriously consider not moving somewhere because the hard water might make their hair less shinny? FYI, San Diego, my dream city, was number 2 of best cities for hair. Exciting!

That was random. 

At work this week, we’re losing the talented Joey Kirk, who kindly donated his desk to the charity otherwise known as me. Here’s to hoping I inherit some of his multimedia genius (and overall genius too!). Here’s a vintage Chelsea and Joey shot: 

Vintage because it was taken a WHOLE year ago, thus appropriately Black & White. We’re going to miss them at the Republic. It’s sad to see how we’re bleeding all this amazing talent. I think it speaks volumes that, even though all media companies are struggling, Tribune Interactive recognized his talent, and it’s making room for him. THAT right there, my friends, is mad skills. 

Bon Voyage to them on their Chicago adventure. I’ve always liked that city, ever since I took a history class in college about the history of Chicago and subsequently read The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Beautiful writing and historically based. I’ll leave you with a short passage, hoping you go out and do some summer reading:  

At the time Mudgett described this encounter in his memoir, he was sitting in a prison cell hoping to engineer a swell of public sympathy. While it is charming to imagine the scene, the fact is the cameras that existed during Mudgett’s boyhood made candid moments almost impossible to capture, especially when the subject was a child. If the photographer saw anything in Mudgett’s eyes, it was a pale blue emptiness that he knew, to his sorrow, no existing film could ever record.  

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