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Rascal Flatts at Cricket Wireless Pavilion

I think we can establish that I’m not what you would call a country music fan. But I’m more than willing to give credit where credit is due. Rascal Flatts put on a cool, energetic performance last Thursday at Cricket. They had the high-tech, giant screens, hydraulic stairs that deployed space-ship like, and show-opening pyrotechnics so unexpected that I almost died of fright.


I also almost died of fright when I saw lead singer Gary LeVox’s jeans…

One word: bedazzled. 


The guy with a fiddle, a John “Chank” Jeansonne, was pretty ridiculous in an amazing way. And I don’t even know anything about fiddles. But I felt the amazingness in my musical heart. 

Obligatory Jessica Simpson shot…

She was opening the show. And yet she made us sign a release (Rascal Flatts didn’t), we had to shoot from far away and for only one song. You can arrive at your own conclusion on how I feel about that. 

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