25 things I don’t want to know about you

Joel Stein used to write the back page column for Entertainment Weekly some years ago, and they were hilarious. Then randomly, they replaced him with Stephen King, and bless him but he was nowhere near as witty as Mr. Stein. 

 Click here for a funny article from Stein about that ’25 things’ phenomenon going on in Facebook right now. 

I have to admit that it’s a mutual relationship. People who write these lists want attention (wanting attention is not a necessarily bad thing), and those who read it enjoy the time-killing it provides. A diversion from our monotonous jobs, 20 minutes to kill before Judge Judy starts, etc.  I think the whole ’25 things’ deal is harmlessly annoying, as long as we’re all on the same page: that I, as well as a good percentage of the people on your friend list, really don’t care. 

I’ve tried reading some ‘friends’ lists, but I often get as far as the second thing only to realize that they’re:

a) really, amazingly self-indulgent, even more so than I thought these particular people were.
b) hella boring.


On a different note, did everyone read that story about the Australian Koala, Sam, saved from the tragic wildfires by a firefighter? It’s such an adorable/heartbreaking story. 

Credits, AP Photo 
Sam recuperating from her ordeal. 

And now, just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Sam, right, and her new boyfriend, Bob, share a moment. Aw, seriously, what’s better than hugging koalas? 

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