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Heart @ Celebrity Theatre

That last photo was taken at about half a second, but there’s something about it that I like, even though it’s not your usual shot from the front. It was my first time at Celebrity Theatre, and it was an overall good experience. The parking people didn’t give me any problems nor did they make me pay. Also, they have a revolving stage! 

Ann and Nancy Wilson were rocking it out, and I wish I could’ve stayed for the whole show. Granted I did have tickets (technically, I could’ve taken photos the whole time. I love it when media reps give us tickets instead of just escorting us in a out of the venue!) but I had to get back to The Dark Tower to return a lens to Manny. At which point he found out I was shooting Heart, and I believe his words were “if I had known you were shooting them, I would’ve taken that assignment from you.” I’m thinking he was joking, besides, Manny, you just came back from the SUPERBOWL!! 

Also shot some country dude called Josh Turner earlier this week. I had to wait about an hour before he came on, while listening to random country music. I can’t quite explain, but I felt it in my soul, in my bones… how much I was not digging it.  I’ll put those photos up later on. Anyone watching the Grammys?

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I think it was just my TV, but the sound was not translating well. I also came to the conclusion that while I very much LIKE Radiohead, I do not GET them. That’s the only explanation why so many people shit themselves in excitement everytime Thom Yorke gets near a stage, while I just merely, well, like some of their music. Whatever they performed/did on the Grammys must be on a level I can’t understand, because everyone is saying it was so out-of-this-world amazing, but I just did not GET it.

OMG thank you for stating that. I felt the same way. A friend of mine said their Rainbow album should win the Grammy but a) I did not hear a SINGLE song from the album until the one they performed & b)also did not GET it (as you so eloquently phrased it)

maybe I’m just too old to GET it or something but then said friend is in his 40s so who knows what is going on.

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