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Moving on from that damn unfortunate business of the Cardinals…

Photos from the San Diego Maritime Museum.

The Museum has several old-school ships, which I had seen anchored by the Bay on previous trips, but never had a chance to explore. I’ve always liked stuff like that. Who knows why. Anyone read Patrick O’brian’s books that Master and Commander was based on? Brilliant books, by the way, or at least the first six or so that I’ve read (there are a lot more!). The movie obviously takes many liberties, but it’s still one of my favorites.

The pictures above are from inside one of the museum ships, the Star of India. There was a cool, fiber-glass looking drawing of the ship, labeling all its sails.

From the deck, looking out into the Bay. The ship in the distance is the Lynx, in town for a gun battle with the Star of India the next day.

Originally called ‘Uterpe’

Carver Ron Zeunges was kind enough to spend some time giving me the scoop on the ship. He also talked about the programs where you could learn how to sail, etc. How I wished I lived in San Diego now.

You’d think I’d have a picture of the whole ship, but my constant curse also known as “Not Having a Wide Angle Lens” prevented me from taking a decent photo of the whole thing. Go here for photo, and the ship’s history.

And to my surprise (no pun intended, honestly I had no idea until one of the volunteers on board the Star told me), the actual ship used in Master and Commander, called ‘Surprise’ was part of the museum’s fleet.

The original ship was called ‘The Rose’, and since the owners did not want her back when the studio was done, they gave her to the museum. Unfortunately, I was told that a lot of its original construction was ruined during production. Anything that got in the way of a camera or the aesthetics, was torn down. It still looks pretty decent though, and I think they’ve made it functional once again.

Below deck you can see how they modified the wheel, so that actors could pretend to be maneuvering the ship from the deck, but really it was being controlled by experts below.

I’m shooting a few concerts this week, so hopefully I’ll have more in the way of posts coming soon.

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