I hate it when that happens…

On a different note, I’ve been gone for a while, furloughing it in the mountains on California. For those who don’t know (I didn’t!) a furlough is mandatory, unpaid leave. Gannet is making all employees take one week off before the end of the first quarter in March, so I took advantage of that and got the hell out of town. Photos of that trip are in the works. 

Obviously the town is in Cardinals mode. Everyone is still pretty shocked about the whole thing. Here’s a nice article from the LA Times that sort of captures the weirdness of it all. 

“Arguably the worst professional sports franchise in this country’s history is going to be a participant in its biggest sporting event. The oldest continuously run pro football franchise in the country will have a chance to win its first championship in 61 years, and its third championship in 110 years. An organization so cheap it once charged players the Federal Express cost of mailing their contracts is playing in the richest sporting event in the country. A team so poorly run it once gave players only one pair of socks per season is playing in the most popular sporting event in the country. The Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl.”

And while I haven’t had time to jump on the bandwagon with a Larry Fitzgerald jersey, I’m feelin’ it. 

I did get a nice surprise at work when I came in and saw Adobe CS3 had been installed.

I could’ve done a few concerts last week, but I was on furlough, and there seem to be strict rules about that, as in you can’t be inside the building, near the building, answering calls from the building, or email from coworkers and such. So I didn’t know how that would work out, shooting a concert for work while on furlough. I’m pretty sure that would’ve been a no-no. Hopefully I’ll get something soon to get out of this rut. 

And finally, an amazing video from the Mercury News on the slums of India. Loved the overall photography of the video. Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? Good movie.

Oh and GO CARDS!!!

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