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License plate inspiration

A few weeks ago I did this graphic explaining how, from now on, frames around cars’ license plates cannot obscure the word “Arizona” at the top of the plate. This is another one of these ridiculous money-making scams that the lovely state of Arizona has decided to adopt. Do not get me started on the photo speeding cameras. 

Wrong— you’re a bad Arizonian. 

Wrong— I’m calling Sheriff Joe. I hope you like camping, because he’s got a spot for you in Tent City. 

Right— Now go drive on our roads so we can catch you speeding on camera and fine you outrageous amounts of money for a violation that a live police officer would have never pulled you let alone ticketed you for. 

“If a witness can tell us that a vehicle has an Arizona plate because they can clearly see it, that helps us immensely,” said Harold Sanders, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety.

Yes, because the purple cactus is so overused by other states. 

You see, here in Arizona, we care about the details. I feel much safer knowing that valuable police resources are being spent patrolling the streets for license plate frame criminals. Interestingly enough, at the beginning of December, half of the 26 cars in the Arizona Senate parking lot had illegal frames around their plates.

At any rate, while I was working on that graphic, I was inspired by the Arizona plate, and well, I’m a sucker for grungy Photoshop brushes, so that’s how the new banner/masthead came about. I also thought the font was slightly “western” looking without being too obvious and corny. I’m thinking I could’ve done a bit more with the typography, like a stroke or a shadow or some sort. Eh, I can always update. 

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I’m pretty sure I got tagged by one of the few and rare red light cameras here in orlando…but they really are turning up in weird places. they always have warning signs though…don’t yours??

Except that when I’m lost, and trying to find a cross street or something, being on the look out for those stupid signs is not really my priority. I’ve never gotten flashed by one that I knew was there…

Oh how I HATE those cameras.

I was right…do I still get a ticket if I never pick up the certified letter? i’m never home and can’t go pick it up either??

I’m going to post about all this soon, because I really just need to go on a proper, written rant. For the children.

But you basically have to be served, personally, and at that point, if you ignored it, I think you’re in trouble.

so technically if I never get served then I never have to acknowledge it…how certain are you of this?? please say more than 60%

I think the law varies from state to state, so I’m not exactly sure about Florida but in Arizona, by law, they have to serve you in person. Responding to a mailed ticket mean you’re basically doing the work for them. That said, they do charge you $27 for the pleasure of being served, even though that’s your right. Government, I tell ya, sometimes I think it’s a giant scam.

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