Oh, right, it’s 2009

Coming out of school, you’d like to hold on to this idea of working at something you love, or at least like. Then you get a job and you continue to hold on to this idea of growth and mentoring that you experienced with your professors.

And then it hits you. When push comes to shove, you truly are just a pawn. And why shouldn’t you be? Nobody owes you anything, and nobody is going to be looking out for you. It makes total sense. It still sucks to realize that you’re one of the many people go through life working a job that merely pays the bills yet fulfill no dreams, no passions, no excitement. I always had an idea that this was the norm, but I wanted to be the exception. Always trying to be the exception seems to lead to a lifetime of disappointment. 

Who knows what 2009 has in store. If I knew what I wanted out of it, I could tell you how it can get better or worst. But I don’t know what I want out of the next 12 months. Ideally, I would be living in Venice (Italy, not California, though I’m sure it’s lovely there too) making a living out of eating bread, cheese and gelato, taking photos and/or listening to music.  I could go on, but you don’t come here for my writing, so here’s someone else’s (sorry, no photos, I was just posting so you see I’m alive).

Remains of the Day

It’s an interesting article about a subject I never thought an article needed writing about. It talks about what has happened, or will happen, to the identified remains of some of the 9/11 hijackers. Here’s an excerpt… 

In June 2002, Miller, the Pennsylvania coroner, received a 4 a.m. phone call from a man in Lebanon who claimed he was the uncle of one of the hijackers. The man wanted to know why his nephew’s remains hadn’t been returned. “And I said, ‘Well, we’re not sure which one’s which’,” Miller recalls. “If he had any DNA material he could send me, I could cross-match like we did for the passengers and crew. Then I pointed out the FBI had custody of the remains—and that was the end of it.” Would Miller have made the effort? He says the FBI has the final say, but as for him: “Absolutely,” he says. “They are human beings that have passed away in the commonwealth just like my great granddad. I can’t arbitrarily say who I will apply the law to … The Good Lord will sort out their deeds.”


And on a final note. I helped my dad get a blog like this, so he can post his travel photos from years past. He’s still working on his computer skills, so wish him well! His site is at 

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I come here for your writing.

Hope you had una Feliz Navidad y que tu Ano Nuevo brings you whatever you need (without you needing to know what that is)

Thanks Michelle. What have you been up to lately? Heard a big chunk of the fam was down in the FLA for Christmas.

Feel like coming to visit the PHX this year (if I’m still here!)? If you ever feel like getting away one weekend, you should totally come! It’s very nice weather right now!

Right now just trying to get back into the “normal” routine. (No sooner did we get back from Panama that we had to fly to Maryland so Leo could spend x-mas with the grandparents. And then I drove to Tampa on x-mas day to see everybody and drove back home the same day to go work the next day)

I would love to visit Phx this year, prob won’t happen for a while though (used up all my vacation in Panama) but maybe after the summer when it cool down again. You are welcome to see FL too remember I have free tickets to Universal Studios!!
The weather is pretty great here right now too. I am looking into buying a mountain bike (more expensive than people think).

well need to go to bed now and what do you mean if you are still there? I’m sure you are a great asset to the company err newspaper

Well, newspapers are in a downward spiral it seems, and it has come to the point that it doesn’t matter who is an asset or not. A ton of people who got laid off at the beginning of December were amazing, it’s just luck at this point (well, we think there are other factors, like pay, involved…. letting go of young, cheap labor won’t make much of a dent in their budget, unlike letting go of a 30+ year veteran). It was incredibly heartbreaking to see men and women who had dedicated their entire lives to a newspaper, so unceremoniously cut. Thirty years over with a phone call (they started announcing layoffs around 6 p.m., and a lot of people were at home). At least our paper had the decency to allow people a day or so to collect their things and say their goodbyes. I’ve heard of some other papers where they literally escort you out the door immediately.

Anyways, enough with the bad. Good luck with the mountain biking. Phoenix has a lot of outdoor stuff to do, but I just haven’t gotten into it yet haha. Hopefully some day.

yeah the newspaper here is always calling to ask people to get subscriptions. I really hate when people are thrown out after giving so much of their lives to a company. Which is why I try to make sure to remember that dedication is not a necessary trait of work. I think is why people are perfectly fine with cheating businesses out of money. The escorting people was what my old job did and then promised the layoffs were over and then did more 2 more times.

I might have found a bike on craigslist…do not want to jinx it though so I’ll stop. Mountain biking is pretty expensive to get into but this bike is pretty decent and pretty cheap (like 200 cheaper than a new one) so crossing my fingers.
How was your week?

I was in California for a while with the parental unit. I’ll post pictures up soon. Other than that, super (no pun intended) busy at work with the Superbowl. Not that I’m doing anything for it, unfortunately. But people are being moved around to cover other shifts and what not, so it’s just been more of the same grunt work for me. Lovely, isn’t it?

Did you find your bike?

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