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Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding

Finally! Photos from Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding. Those of you wont don’t know (all of you probably), this is a comedy and music event put together by Alice Cooper, with all proceeds going to the Solid Rock Foundation. 

I got there pretty early and met up someone from the PR company. Nice guy, that Sam. I was offered food, and a chance to go backstage. Now this is a big change from usually being treated like cattle. Go in, shoot three songs, get out. Don’t get me wrong, the media reps I’ve met are awesome, it’s the orders they get from high above that are pretty restrictive. Coldplay gave 8+ photographers approximately five feet of space to shoot from. 

At any rate, met the guys from one of the bands playing, Whiskey Falls, and then met Alice’s lovely wife, Sheryl. She actually helped me get Alice for a photo of the two of them (see below). It’s was kinda hectic, since everyone was getting ready for the show to begin, but it was cool to talk to some of the other bands, just hang out. I wish every concert I covered was like that! Even if it’s the Cheetah Girls (which I have to do tonight… don’t laugh!).

Other notable musicians that performed were…

Bob Welch (Fleetwood Mac)

The amazing Robby Krieger (The Doors). Did you know he is in Rolling Stone’s list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time? Though, I often disagree with Rolling Stone’s “lists”. 

Love his little smirk in this photo.

Plus Arizonians Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Whiskey Falls, F5 (this guys actually put a link to my slideshow in their “news” section! Now I feel bad for not putting more pictures of them up, but I do have quite a few good ones of them) and Alice Cooper’s son’s band, Runaway Phoenix, amongst others. I’ll have to post pictures of these bands later. 

Although, here’s a picture of Brandon Johnson of Whiskey Falls, hanging out with Alice backstage. 

With wife Sheryl. 

And you all have already seen my photo with Alice (god awful picture of me, probably because I was in shock!). Nice guy, nice event, nice cause, can’t ask for anything more. 

Oh, and apologizes for taking so long. It’s been a hectic week and work, with odd hours that actual involve me getting to the office an “normal” people hours… yeah, out of my house before 9 a.m… blah. 

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