Biodiesel infographic

Infographic about how to make Biodiesel at home…

The version that ran in the paper was slightly different, since we (Techinically, Buddy Golfen, car master who will be dearly missed after he volunteered for the recent layoffs) found a different photo of a car that uses diesel, instead of a random car. I needed it to be a certain angle and show the little gas door, so props to Mike Meister (beloved photo God) and Buddy.

Things are slowly but surely falling apart here in good ol’ Phoenix. A shame really, because I was having a good time till now.

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you did not say the name of the car used in this version but I’m pretty sure it is an MR2. That’s pretty awesome, even though you removed it later.

PS. I finished reading your article and realized I totally jumped the gun.

Are things getting bad at work or the city? How are you doing?

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