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That’s it, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Coldplay…. 

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Looks great! I’m so happy you got the chance to shoot Coldplay, knew you’ve been dying to for a while. =) Are some of these shot from the audience (like the third to last one)?

Not really, I just needed a wide shot of the stage. It was pretty tough because I was stuck between two lenses, so most of the shots were pretty tight. Glad you like! Nothing too exciting coming up though, so kinda bummed about that…

No Mario, that only happens when I listen to Radiohead. I like their music, it just makes me so very depressed… Glad you like the site! Hope all is going well in Liverpool. PS, when I talked to you for Christmas I thought you totally had an accent from there yonder going… Next thing you know, you’re going to prefer tea over coffee. For shame.

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