San Diego Sailing

I should have posted these sooner, but I was busy having work-induced migraines and overall depression. 

Nothing that sleep and booze couldn’t take care of… 

While visiting California I got the amazing opportunity to go sailing in San Diego. But this wasn’t a romantic sail ride down the harbor, but an actual race! Exciting! I’ve always wanted to learn how to sail, and I even researched doing the Semester at Sea program while in college, until the reality of cost crushed those dreams. So to get to do this, even if it was just for one day, was hands down, awesome.  

Leaving the harbor for a practice run before the race.

The crew of the Lugano getting everything ready. For this particular race though, they were racing in a different boat, Changes in Altitude. 

Boat owner, Russ, who bravely manned the wheel up until the race was cancelled due to windy conditions (giant waves!). I was sitting right behind him, and I must say, it looked like a fierce battle.

Probably my favorite photo. I was literary hanging off the side to take it, but then again, so was everyone else. 

Thanks again to all in the Lugano crew, and Changes in Altitude captain Russ, for letting me come along. I’m hoping to make it to the last race of the season. I think the first week of December. I would love to actually learn what to do and be of help during the race. I must move to California so I can sail every weekend, I’ve decided. 

PS: I couldn’t find my .psd file with my copyright logo, nor did I have the motivation to, but just in case there’s any doubt… You still can’t steal these. Not that you’d want to or anything… 

6 replies on “San Diego Sailing”

I looked into doing the semester at sea too…and the cost also crushed me dreams.

BTW There is sailing in Florida too. Just saying.

Wow, nice photos! That last one is mega! I love how you can see how turbulent the ocean is and how the boats in the distance look like they’re about to tip over.

(And I can totally picture you in a boat, cutlass swinging, with that pirate coat your mom made–do you still have it??)

Haha, yes, I still do have the pirate coat, although I think it’s in NC. I just loved the whole experience! I’ve always wanted to learn to sail!!! I can’t imagine how they did it back in the day in these giant ships.

The semester at sea would’ve been awesome, except that it was more expensive than studying in Europe, I think. It was definitely pretty outrageous fee.

I didn’t! I wish I had, but the way the journalism program was set up, they really didn’t have any classes that could be taken abroad. So it would have put me a semester behind, which, in retrospect, wouldn’t have been a bad thing…

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