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Election 2008

Either Phoenix has its act together or the reports of ridiculous lines are just exaggerated, but there was absolutely no line at my voting place. I even walked there!

There was some sort of foreign photographer there, and poor woman was getting yelled at by a poll worker for daring to take a picture of the precinct, which I guess she could only do from 75 feet away. I don’t think she understood what 75 feet was. I tried standing up for her, and asking the workers what the big deal was? CNN and every other station has people around various voting places, even inside the buildings. They said something about that being the “law”. McCain voted around the same time I did, at a place two miles from mine, so I guess that explains all the international media meandering the hood. 

We then did the most American thing we could think of, and headed to Starbucks for free coffee.  

Even better, I hear Krispy Kremes is also giving out free donuts! 

What democracy? Do it for the free goodies!

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I was in line for about an hour at 9:30. Not a terribly long time. I was taking pictures and got some weird looks at times but no problems. I don’t think the polling place I went to was particularly high profile though either. I think photography should be allowed to ensure fair polling practices.

There was a myriad of free goodies…unfortunately this is very illegal so they all had to offer it to all customers…not just ones who voted.

A very expensive promotion if I may say so.

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