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Another graphic that went well with editors.

Two things that they wanted to show: geographical zip codes and home value data. I thought making a map at some sort of perspective would serve both purposes. Anyways, it was good to get some positive feedback.

I shot this concert a few weekends ago. I didn’t think any of the shots were spectacular, so I was in no hurry to post them, but since Christina asked.

Ask and you shall receive….

The main band was Anberlin. I didn’t think they there terrible. Sounded the same as most middle of the road rock bands, to be quite honest. But they were nicely dressed! Which is not only rare to see nowadays, but after experiencing the band right before them, it was a nice surprise.

I wanted to give them more of a chance, but really, I was slightly annoyed because a) security at the entrance made me feel 25 percent molested. Not even at the freaking airport have I been patted like that, and I had to take of my shoes! WTF? I asked why the security crackdown, and I pointed out it had not been like this when I came to see Sigur Ros. The guy goes “well, it depends on the type of crowd we think we’re going to get.” This made even less sense when I got inside and discovered that the crowd consisted of tweens and teens, some with their mothers. And b) the local band that came right before Anberlin, some guys called Scary Kids, Scaring Kids, was just down right awful. I’ll preface that we saying that I personally don’t like bands that make only “noise” instead of music-related noise. Obviously I had to stay for their whole set, but I couldn’t really tell you where one song started and the next one ended, it was all a continuous combination of screaming, running around like a crazy chicken, shirtless-ness and more noise.

So let’s just say that by the time it was Anberlin’s turn, my patience and tolerance was at an all time low. But I did have one slightly interesting shot from this bunch…

That was before the keyboardist decided to lose the shirt. Combined with the extreme low-rise jeans, I was thinking we’d have a guaranteed wardrobe malfunction. PS: flip flops are not very rock ‘n roll. Put some damn shoes on.

But I want to conclude on a good note, and say thanks to the security guys by the stage, who are always very nice and helpful. They prevent me from getting crushed by the people they pull from the crowd… always a plus. And they even recommend some good upcoming shows. One mentioned a metal band with cellos!? Interesting…

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Anberlin was mediocre at best. They definitely did not inspire me to google or even illegally download their stuff.

Are the guys in Scary Kids your buds, dusty?

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