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A few recent graphics. I work a lot with maps. Mostly locating places. 





To the right, I have a graphic that ran on A1. And better yet,
it was on the upper half of the paper so everyone walking by the newspaper on the stands definitely saw my graphic. Well, they probably were more concerned with the plugging Dow and their disappearing 401k than my actual graphic.

Although I liked the original headline of Slaughter in Wall Street. Perfect with all the red! Looking back on it, I should’ve put my name on it, even if it did make it deeper… I’m sure the designer could’ve spared a few points, right? Probably not. 

Here’s another good one that was also a bit of a challenge. The reporter filed two sets of numbers: the fluctuation of gas prices in dollars (amounts in the $3, $4 range), and the fluctuation of oil prices (in the $90-$120 range) which he wanted to compare as two lines. One set of numbers fluctuated by a few cents or dollars, while the other changed by 20, 30, 40 dollars. 

 Plotting them together would have  giving me two lines, yes, but it wouldn’t have been visually interesting, since  one line (the gas prices one) would have been a straight line, with no visual  fluctuation. Once again it was a problem of scale, which I always find tough  to explain. 

 So to the left you can see what we ended up doing. Instead of showing  actual dollar amounts, we showed percent change from the start of January  2008. This way we visually showed what the reporter was trying to get at  with the story, that even though oil prices are going down below January  prices, gas prices are not dropping quite as fast. 

 Ayrel and I were discussing for a while how we would calculate that percent  change, which led to massive math related profanities. But reporter Russ  Wiles decided to intervene with his sharp math genius, right after he heard  me say “I’m going to have to Google how to do that”. 

 That’s that with graphics for now. I have a few others I want to post but I  don’t have them in my personal computer.

 I’m photographing another concert at the Marquee this weekend. I might try  to get there earlier to avoid the stupidity of their parking situation.  


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