Random graphic

Alternative Storytelling? To me it just looks like an infographic… 

Alicia Keys concert photos coming up soon! 

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You’re exactly right. They put the stupid name on it so the reporters feel better about themselves that they’re the ones doing the work, instead of just providing info for the creative minds of the graphic artists.

I really like the little kids running in to the school, especially that one that seems to be in front!

what worries me the most is: that’s not a left turn at all!!

slight right and THEN left…I’ll tell ya what it its….it’s a half-assed excuse of a U-Turn.

And it is storytelling for people without imaginations or visual “learners.” Thank you very much.

Tons of people got laid off at my old job…and they have continued to do so days since it started.

Michelle, good thing you don’t work there anymore! So what happened to your holiday plans? not happening after all?

Sharon, at first, for the children, I just had very abstract round circles, but then Mark pointed out that maybe people would think we’re insinuating that all kids are fat hahaha.

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