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SND Vegas

Here’s a timelines of what happened at SND Vegas:
Alcohol, pool, Mel Melendez, Elvis, the boss smuggling alcohol in his jacket pocket, Robin Leach, food, alcohol. Oh and there were some seminars in between. On a serious note, it was a great place to networks and meet some amazing industry people, plus really informative seminars. Good place to get inspired.

On our way there, we stopped at the Hoover Dam, where a small Asian tourist attempted to steal Bill’s car while we were standing RIGHT IN FRONT of it… 

Ok, maybe he was just confused as to which vehicle really belonged to him, but it was really funny. He tried several locked doors before giving up, and realizing that wasn’t his vehicle. Or maybe it was the fact that Joey was leaning on the car taking a photo of us?

Bellagio fountains. I wish I remembered more… 

Cool bar in the middle of the casino. 

Da pool of the Red Rock. Where I unceremoniously dropped my business cards. Nothing like soggy, wet cards to make you stand out from the masses! In my defense, I did try drying them with the blow dryer in the room, where I promptly knocked out the power. 

Me: “Elvis, you’re looking good!”
Elvis: “Thank you, thank you very much, you’re not looking too bad yourself Patricia.”

…And then he gave me his business card. Cuz you never know. Random fact: did you know that Elvis impersonators prefer the term “Tribute Artist”? At least that’s what it says on his card.

Robin Leach was at the awards dinner, though he seemed slightly uninterested about being there. I have no good quality photos of that. In my humble opinion, no Robin Leach is better than a blurry Robin Leach. 

That’s it for now. I’ll try to dig up some more website worthy photos of Vegas.

Again, I can’t say enough about SND. There are very few places where one would get the chance to rub elbows with such great talent. I wish I had been more proactive as a student, and actually attended some of these conferences while still in school.  Though, it is expensive for sure, especially on the non-salary of a student. Heck, I have a full time job and I struggled till the last minute about  whether I should really go. Totally worth it.   

I almost forgot, I have a kick ass photo from Hall & Oates… 

God bless 15mms

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