Seattle Part 3: Seafood edition

Love this photo. I just pointed my camera at the crowd and there came Christina. It’s one of those totally candid photos that ends up looking like I put a lot of thought into the composition… not. Just the way the people all around her are into their own things, and she’s just calmly gazing at the camera…  

Throwing the fish! These guys had a stuffed animal fish that they would throw at the crowd, scaring them into thinking it was an actual fish. Pretty funny… 

Another action shot. Such smoothness, such technique! Olympic sport idea? I think so. 

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Aw man…now I will not be scared if they throw the fish at me (IF I ever go to Seattle that is)…ruinier!!


And yes the enigma that is our mothers being sisters has always baffled the mind of many a scholar. Maybe it is because they were so close in age that they made it their job to be so different?? Just a thought.

I have a Southwest alert thing and it told me they were having cheap flights from MCO to Phoenix…I was tempted. But a) figure I should see if you would even want visitors in the future and b) I have other travels to tend to first. So I guess this is my way of working on a.

Oh you should totally come to the PHX, it would be an excellent adventure. As long as you give me a heads up, I arrange at work and have some time off. It’s a great time to come in the next few months because the weather is going to start cooling… although it’s still in the 110 range in SEPTEMBER!!! Oy.

Sorry to spoil the fish trick, and it shouldn’t be an IF, you MUST go to Seattle some day.. maybe when I live there? hahaha, I can dream, right?

Sweet, I will try to visit around the beginning of ’09. So you have time before to get ready before the big party! I’m pretty tied up with the holidays until then in things I cannot yet talk about. Don’t ask.

One (1) hint: They involve my mother….so I am not “allowed” to talk about anything. Not yet anyway.

110 in September is actually not that much more than us. We are averaging about 97.

Wait until you get to Vegas. What are you doing over there? where are you staying? I hope not a hostel cause this town it would probably be dangerous. That being said, I LOVE Vegas. My friend kept trying to get me to move there, we have such a good time when I visit, and if I did not care about where Leo grew up I would have already been living there. Too bad they just closed down the Star Trek Experience since that would be my main recommendation on places to go see. It was my favorite thing in the world. (No I am not kidding, look at my Vegas pictures in Facebook)

And I’ll visit you when you live in Seattle once I live in Chicago. So sometime soonish I assume. lol.

I loved Vegas too!!! But I’m not sure I’d want to live there. It seemed that everyone that I talked to who lives there didn’t really like it. They never go to the strip either, I guess the novelty of it wears off after a while? Who knows.

Oh God, “secret” holiday plans? Don’t worry, I won’t ask. I won’t be in PHX for the holidays either, so 2009 is good. Hopefully by then I’ll have a furnished living room again… yeah, long story.

I only went to the strip the second time I went to visit.
The first one I had a mission and it did not involve the Strip.

We opted for all the resident things to do. Boating in Lake Meade (I got to take a picture on the “Other” side of Hoover Damn but not the front side)
Hanging out with Friends at a bar and the BEST Sushi of my life in a whole in the wall restaurant North WAY of the strip.

Furniture + long story…sounds awesome

Where ya going for the holidays?

BTW Vegas pics look great.

I got a few days off to go to NC for the holidays, but now I’m not too sure of what’s going to happen. Seems like plane tickets are outrageously expensive, and I really don’t get paid that well (I can’t even afford to have living room furniture!!!) But I guess I should be lucky to even have a job, considering that 37 people got laid off last week…

They got laid off from your department or just from the newspaper?

Getting laid off worked wonders for me. But it seems I was very lucky.

Yeah my holiday plans got a wrench thrown in them today, so I to am not sure what will come off them. Wonder if Lory wants some extra company 😉

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