Seattle Part 2

After editing my photos, I usually save them 1) full size color, 2) full size black and white, and 3) low res in whichever it looks better (color or bw). Usually it’s pretty easy to decided in which mode they look better in, but I struggled with some of these.

Our tour continues…

Before we even got to the hostel, we had to stop and take some photos. Again, this was at a pier right across the street from the hostel. 

Can I just say that I’m saving my photos all the same size, but for some reason WordPress is making the color ones smaller that the BW ones. Anybody know anything on that? Also, the color/contrast is somewhat off from what they look like when I edit them, which I’m sure is related to some very technical Photoshop/format/monitor calibration deal, but doesn’t bother me too much… yet.  

Pike Place Market, where they throw the fish (I have an action shot coming on a later post!).

Among the things we found at the market: Rub with Love. 

Requisite photo of the very first Starbucks. I hear they organize pilgrimages from all over the world to this location*. 

*I may have made that up.

The locks over in Ballard. Or as I call them: Wannabe Panama Canal. 


Relaxing in a cafe in Freemont, where I had the best frozen drink/coffee ever. It was so good, I had to take a picture of it. No joke…

Discovery Park. This is one of those photos that I struggled between BW and Color. The cloudy light was just perfect, I thought. 

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about qualities that I want my hotel to have, ‘fireproof’ definitely jumps to the top of the list… Really? The folks at the Bush Hotel though that was one of their best amenities? 

“Ma’am, I’m sorry that we don’t have working toilets, clean towels, room service, insulation, heating, etc., but we ARE fireproof”  

And finally (for now), what I think is a very iconic image of Seattle…

…the rain.

There’s still more coming up, so keep checking back, definitely any feedback on the photos in always appreciated!

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I’m so weird…As I was reading your post and looking at the great pictures you took, the ONE thing that stood out to me was: “They stayed at a HOSTEL! Cool, my mother/grandmother would kill me if I ever did that”

When I went to Chicago the first thing out of her mouth was: “There is crime THERE.” (Orlando is just as (un)safe as Chicago, technically).

Leo’s first day was interesting…especially since most of the week got canceled due to a storm that made everybody hate rain for days.

What’s really weird about that is that I’m the one who criticizes my parents about staying at hostels when traveling abroad. I’m like, c’mon, you’re too old for hostels hahaha!!

My theory of my parents’ opinions on my travel/life decisions: “if you’re not paying for any of it, you have no say on anything,” which seems to be working out pretty well… Now, if my mom wants to pay for me to stay at a nice hotel then I’m cool with that!!!

I loved Chicago (it was beginning Oct., so it wasn’t mind-numbingly cold yet). Any big city that’s pedestrian friendly with a good nightlife, I’m totally open to moving there.

Yeah, sounds like you guys are getting pummeled by storm after storm (well, or at least one storm that seem to linger for weeks). I hope Leo is having a good start in school though, despite the rain! What are they teaching kids in Kindergarden these days? Blogging? Texting?

Hostels in Europe are milder than the ones here. Or so I think. I guess it depends on the city. How was the one in Seattle??

We went to Chicago in June and it was AWESOME weather — it rained just enough to cool off the pavement. The Hotel was ridiculously well located and nice too 😉 And I agree about the kudos for pedestrian friendliness.

Yeah moving there is definitely a must do soon.

The thing you might not know about My mom is that it does not matter whether she is paying for it or not. If she spent money on you at ANY time it means she has the right to voice her opinion and try to veto it. It just doesn’t work on me anymore. I guess it’s why I have the “Rebel” label. Well that and I am Bad to the Bone baby!

Not really.

The rain was INSANE and ANNOYING. I missed the sunlight…I felt as though I was a withering plant. Seriously. As far as kindergarten goes, they still mostly work counting and spelling names and reading. Or so I can tell from his booklet of September HW. How does a kindergarten have HOMEWORK already!?!?

I provide homeschooling on Blogging, Texting and other Technology subjects. Kid could work a DVD player by age 1.5. My mom wants me to teach him to use the speed dial on my phone to call her. I drew the line. lol

The hostel in Seattle was amazing. It’s called Hostel Seattle, and it was a pretty small one, only 30 people. It was just very homey, with a fireplace/pit area to sit and chat, a nice rooftop deck. Totally recommend it if you’re ever in Seattle, as long as you don’t mind that it’s a bit of a ways from downtown (I didn’t mind too much, because we got to explore some other areas that weren’t as touristic, which I like). Plus the people were so nice.

Yes, sometimes I wonder if our mothers are really related. They’re just so different it’s baffling to think the grew up together, and they’re so close in age too, which makes it even weirder…

I’m glad you’re setting boundaries for Leo. Speed dialing to your mother? Hahaha too funny…

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