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I’ve been trying to find stuff!

Props go out to Michelle for calling me out on my lack of posting. In all fairness, it is a combination of lazyness and nothing too exciting happening here at Chateau Lapadula. I haven’t covered any major concerts, but I’ll ask Meister about shooting Sigur Ros in September, though they hate the media and would not shock me if they didn’t allow any photogs in.

But there are some exciting things coming up! I’m heading up to Seattle on the 23rd for a much needed vacation, and I think many an exciting photo will come out of that. Also, get ready people, I will be making my Las Vegas debut in September for the SND conference. Now that is sure up the level of crazy on this website.

Last Friday, thanks to a tip from Dana, we headed over to the San Carlos hotel in downtown Phoenix for a pool party slash concert with two bands I’ve featured on this site before, Princess Ladyfriend (they have an actual website and not just some MySpace! Go them!) and, my personal favorite, Black Carl. This was Princess Ladyfriend’s last gig ever here in Phoenix, since they’re relocating to Seattle, apparently. And, sadly, Black Carl’s guitarist/keyboardist is departing the band, though I hope they don’t totally break up. Both bands were great, but Princess took a long ass time to get going… I wouldn’t personally go in a bathing suit and get in the pool like some people did, but it was nice to dip our feet in it.

Princess Ladyfriend’s last Phoenix show.

Black Carl’s Emma Pew inciting the sweaty, half naked crowd

He had the skinniest jeans I have ever seen on a male. Not flattering at all! He makes it up though with awesome guitar playing.

I few months ago I went over to Modified Arts to check out Tilly and the Wall, who in theory sounded like an pretty different and interesting band. They have a tap dancer instead of a drummer, how cool is that!? Unfortunately, the show was riddled with technical difficulties, combined with the absurd heat inside Modified, it was tough to find the motivation to try and get better photos, because moving might have meant death by dehydration.

I did capture this bit of unfortunate fashion…

Last but not least…. a photo of the yet-to-start Lightrail here in the PHX. This is their latest attempt in making the downtown a more accessible and vibrant one, I guess. Let’s hope it works…

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Yay, you updated! I really like the third pic, the one with Princess Ladyfriend. Cool effect, I dig it.

One more week till Seattle! Can you believe it?!?

Cool you are going to Vegas…hopefully you will get to enjoy it and not be stuck at the conference much.

BTW gambling is overrated but they make it easy by having slot machines even in grocery stores. They have replaced the kiddie rides. lol.

Oh I forgot…

I got mention WOO HOO!!!

and Seattle sounds fun as well. The rail system looks like something out of the Jetsons, makes me wish they would speed up the rail here in FL.

Oh and Leo’s first day of school is Officially Tomorrow!!

The only thing I can afford to gamble with is my dignity… I would rather spend my few pennies on booze and food.

I hope Seattle has a good rail/public transportation system because we’re so not renting a car and the place we’re staying at is slightly far from downtown.

How was Leo’s first day in school??!

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