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As promised…

A few more graphics from recently. This first one ran on the cover of the Business section.

It’s usually easier to bury graphics somewhere on the inside, so I always appreciate when designers are willing to work with us to get our graphics out on the cover.

And this next one was a pretty big set of charts that ran in one of our community papers. It’s a really wide graphic, so click on the thumbnail below to see the whole thing.

I vaguely remember being told that I should be careful about overusing gradients, and how they are often used to ‘dress up’ a graphic without need. My excuse? AP does it! Yeah, that’s not a good one…

And finally, a multimedia project that was supposed to be about the US Airways-United merger that never materialized. Too bad, but at least it’s seeing the light of day here. Obviously it’s not finished, and I hadn’t gotten all the way to writing instructions, so go ahead and click on Routes or Timeline.

[kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/routes.swf” height=”450″ width=”650″ border=”1″ /]

Thoughts? Everyone can see the multimedia project? I’m not yet a WordPress pluggins expert.

Oh, and you MUST…

Because it’s got amazing graphics, incredibly sweet, adorable characters, and social commentary about how we treat ourselves and our planet. Can’t wait for the DVD and all the extra behind the scenes material that I’m sure (or so I hope!) will come with it.

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