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Where are all the graphics?

Anyone who comes to this website probably thinks that I’m a photographer for the Republic, and that is an understandable assumption. My official title is Page Designer/Artist… not that I do any significant or creative page design. So I’m 99% a graphic artist, including multimedia flash projects. That said, I spend a lot of my time taking care of necessary yet unexciting graphics (locator maps, wire restyles, charts, etc.) which is why I seldom post any of them. But I’ve decided to be more proactive about posting graphics. It would be great to get some feedback from the few people who come by here!

Here’s one of the few that I’ve been really proud of, and that I put a lot of work into. It was supposed to be an A1 Centerpiece, but that all fell through.

Still, I loved being able to play with textures, colors and my 3D Illustrator/Photoshop skills. That’s really the only one that jumps out at me right now, but I’ll keep my eyes open for other semi cool graphics that I’ve done. I’m still working on that Flash project related to the puppies photoshoot, but unfortunately one of the other graphic artist was on vacation (well, unfortunate for me, not him), so this past week was pretty hectic and I didn’t have much time to work on Flash.

Back to photos. I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it brief. It was a concert for Cute is What We Aim for, and, from my research, I gather is a emo-ish, Fall Out Boy type band that appeals to the punk-rock teens? I actually liked the band before them better, Ace Enders and a Million Different People. It was hot hot hot in there, but not as bad as Modified.

I wasn’t particularly excited about any of the photos. I was struggling with my shitty lens (I wasn’t able to procure one from photo). And the Flash I borrowed was acting up too. But I think that was me over heating it. The photo above is maybe the only one I kinda liked. Oh and the wicked guitar down below, I just had to get a close up!

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