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Puppy photoshoot and First Fridays

I recently got a new multimedia project about “Pampering your Puppy”, in which visitors will be able to pick and choose outfits and accessories for their doggie (well, not exactly their dog, but to give them an idea…). With the help of one of the wonderful Features writers, I was able to organize a photoshoot in our studio, get a lovely little pup in and have her model a variety of outfits.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting things going on that project, but so far it seems we got awesome shots that I’ll be able to take into Photoshop and make cutouts of. Big props to Gretel, our little pup, and her owner for their amazing patience. I needed Gretel to pose in a certain way with every outfit, and well, you can imagine, that’s not an easy task. 

Here are some out takes from the shoots. I should point out that I took these behind-the-scenes shots, but our Arizona Republic Features photog took care of the studio lighting and all the photos that will be used in the project.  

Let’s not kid ourselves here, if I had a dog, I would dress it like that…. Just for my own amusement.  

Switching gears. Some photos from First Fridays… I had the good luck of having Amy and Carlos with me, which was a lifesaving, since I was carrying a lot of gear. 

By far one of the best local bands I’ve seen so far:Black Carl. Fronted by a female singer with a soulful voice, their sounds was crisp and different from the run-of-the-mill indie bands out there. Case in point, I was listening to a We Are Scientists CD, which I borrowed from our music critics’ massive pile of CDs, and while they aren’t bad, by the seventh song, I was wondering if it really wasn’t suppose to be one long song. Then I pop in another CD by Your Vegas.  Ten minutes later, I swear, I thought I was still listening to that first CD. Both bands had the same sound and the same-style male vocals, even their tone was so similar I eventually had to stop by madness. Anyways, I guess my point is that a band can be good, but boring. There was something about Black Carl that really stood out, and I ended up loving singer Emma Pew’s raspy voice. ‘Nuff ranting, onto the photos…

A fashion upgrade ala Amy Winehouse pre-drugs-booze-incarcerated husband-irregular heartbeat-Bond reject-insert anything that could be considered a fuck-up- days, and we’d have an awesome look on Ms. Pew. Also, it’s cool to wear shoes… no really, you guys should get into the habit, so when you’re big and famous, you won’t have to worry about stepping on your drummer’s used needles*  

I thought this was a different shot from the usual, swirly-lights madness. 

In all seriousness, go check out their myspace… now.  

*I know NOTHING about their drummer’s needle use. Why you gotta think bad thoughts? Maybe he’s a tattoo artist on the side, or a diabetic? 

This last band was almost done with their set by the time we stumbled across them so I have little to say about their music. From San Diego, ladies and gentlemen, Lanterns

I was talking to singer/guitarist Lowell Heflin after their set, and he mentioned that they brought down the stage… literary, the stage came crashing down mid-way through. Sorta bummed I missed that… 

This Saturday I’ll hopefully be shooting Crosby, Stills and Nash… Hey, I take what I can get (props to photo editor Mike for hooking me up, and always having me in mind for concerts!)

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Ok so is the I-am-not-going-to-wear-shoes thing normal for bands in Phoenix or just a Black Carl thing?

BTW it might be my crappy speakers but in the song Family and Kids doesn’t her voice sound like Pink??? I know I know…please try to keep shoe throwing specifically at me to a minimum!

Gretel is adorable! You know my soft spot for little dogs, especially the fluffy white ones =)

Though I am also a fan of swirly-lights photos, I really love your second and third shots of Black Carl. Major props, lady.

I guess the Pink resemblance is sort of there, but I still think this girl is has a more raspy voice… It’s really surprising to find these small indie bands which actual GOOD singers. Hey, nothing wrong with Pink hahhaa! AND I was at the Crosby, Still and Nash concert and they were also not wearing shoes!!! But they’re hippies so I guess it’s more of a lifestyle??

I’ve really been wanting to get a dog! Gretel was so cute wearing those outfits, she was just a diva working the over-the-shoulder look! Thank Sharon, glad ya liked them!

I guess it’s more the old school Pink I’m thinking of for the resemblance. You know PRE-voice-lessons-and-just-pure-talent Pink.

Yeah Crosby, Stills and Nash are expected to be barefoot at this point. How did you like the concert?

Are you allowed to have a dog at your current place? Have you looked at breeds?

BTW Hope you enjoyed your Happy B-day celebrations. I hate posting those things on Facebook since it feels like cheating.

(Arizona heat might be better than panama at 119 but Florida is just as bad at 90. Pass some non-humid air any time you feel like it)

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