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Kanye West concert

He is such a DIVA and I love it.  Here’s a man that knows how to play the game… Despite the fact that he didn’t grant any sort of media access to his concerts, the reviews I’ve seen are phenomenal. And with good reason. Who gives a shit if he talks smack about not getting awards, the media calling him out on his ego, etc., the man can put on an amazing show. Just  by looking at the stage, you could tell that this was HIS show… not Lupe Fiasco’s, or N.E.R.D’s or Rihanna’s, all of whom occupied maybe a third of the stage, the rest was covered by a curtain until the arrival of THE Kanye. I’m sure that’s how he planned it. He also made his band set up on a pit at the front of the stage. It had to be ALL his… there is no room for drummers, guitarists or keyboardists in Kanye world. It wasn’t just a concert, it was a show. He had a whole “storyline” about being stranded in another planet, weaving his songs into the plot while talking to Jane, his spaceship. He had lighting, smoke, giant screens, moving platforms… you name it.  

So, giant disclaimer here… our seats were wicked far above the stage, and I couldn’t bring my nice camera, so no good photos here. 

I could’ve heard a bit more of her. Her set seemed rushed, and she only sang part of some songs… Umbrellas were kept to a minimum.  

Just to give you an idea of what the whole stage looked like.

Loved Lupe Fiasco, I have a soft spot for his songs with Matthew Santos (The guy who sings “If you are what you say you are…” bit in Superstar). Not even close to getting a good photo of my Santos. Le sigh…

It definitely looked like a sold-out crowd at Arena… which is A LOT of people

This was just PART of the Kanye West fleet parked outside the arena. 

Sorry, no decent N.E.R.D photos. Did anyone else go see his show? What did y’all think? This was definitely I show worth paying for… even if the money goes to the Kanye West Foundation for Himself and His Ego. If he’s coming to a town near you, I recommend shelling out the extra cash and sitting somewhere in front, not to the side, of the stage.  

I’ve got some First Friday photos coming up! I’ve constantly harassed the photo editor to get me press passes for other concerts so hopefully soon… After all, I’m not really in the photo desk, so these are just favors. One of my photos from Megadeth was featured on our slideshow for Photos of the Week, which is always a good thing. I’ve started thinking about investing in more gear, something I stopped back when I gave up photography as a career in college. We’ll see… 

UPDATE: What it would have looked like if we had good seats… 

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Yeah Kanye is the epitome of an entertainer. And he loved his momma so we know he has a soft spot somewhere between the layers of Award show hate.

These pictures are from the Canon I am guessing (??)

Which SD do you have?
I have the 630 and I’m pondering getting it replaced by Best Buy.

I posted my Kanye concert photos on Facebook. Not all of ’em, though. All those profile shots get boring after a while. Like you said, that’s what you get sitting to the side of the stage. Still loved it, though. Thanks for going with me!

I had an awesome time at Kanye! He truly knows how to put on a show… You’ve actually got some nice ones on your facebook… I think your little camera is better than mine! I liked the ones of Ri-ri

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