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I mentioned before that First Fridays is a great place to listen to some good music (and free too!). Unfortunately this past First Friday, I was too tired, after spending much of the day moving to my new apartment, so I could barely stand up long enough to enjoy many of the acts.

Static Management set up a stage outside their offices, which had been converted into a sort of art gallery just for the evening. Their offices being another of those converted houses in the Roosevelt area. I don’t remember if they said they put on shows every First Friday, but it seemed like it. One of the cool things about small shows like these, is being able to just see the bands standing on the curb with a crappy pick-up full of equipment, waiting for their turn, and then setting up everything themselves.

First up was Coats and Villa. A two-man act composed of Wayne Coats and Nick Villa. As one would expect from a very young looking duo with a guitar and a set of drum, their sound was very rough, particularly the vocals, which seemed slurred most of the time. 

They were just having a good time, I suppose. And judging by the smell coming from drummer Wayne Coats, he was not drinking water out of that red cup onstage. 

Next up was Princess Ladyfriend, whose bizarre name makes them no justice. They had a good sound, but when I was asked who they sounded like, I found myself at a lost for words. They had your usual setup, including keyboards and what seemed like other pre-recorded sounds.  If I have been able to stick around longer, I would have gotten more of a scoop on that.

Go try figure out for yourself who they sound like at their MySpace . I think if this band was to get a little more serious about it, and got someone to work with them on their lyrics, they could potentially do bigger and better gigs. 

And finally, because my brain is fried with all these lights, here are some other photos from the street party…

These people were promoting something called Spectrum (it was hard to get information out of them because they refused to talk. As you can see, though, the red fella in the bottom photo is talking on an imaginary phone).  They were handing out postcards that said Spectrum would “surprise and delight audiences transforming the street into a stage, revealing the poetry and beauty of the mundane.”

Sounds pretty cool. Check it out


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