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Cupcakes and Fights

Sprinkles, a Beverly Hill based cupcake store, opened it’s doors here in Scottsdale this week, and though I was dismayed by the $3.25 a pop price, I had heard so much about this place that I had to stop by there before work. Judging by the line, I wasn’t the only one curious about these celebrity-favored treats. Sure enough, they were probably the best cupcakes I’ve had, ever. It’s perfectly situated across Fashion Square, so you can drown the sorrow of not fitting into those overpriced, zero-sized jeans with some overpriced cupcakes. That’s what I would do…

Check out a video on the opening of the store at

Changing gears dramatically here.

After a nice, low-key night out at Rula Bula on Mill Ave., we headed over to a sandwich shop where we were witnesses to one of those absurd drunken fights with nothing at stake other than manly man-ness. Some dude, who was absolutely plastered, stole some other dude’s chips and then threw them across the room… does it even matter? Here are some photos.

The guys not involved in the fighting are laughing their asses off on the sideline. Look at the poor table that got overturned… they were like a hurricane! I was cowering behind Stewart, quite ready to duck under the table if needed. The fight progressed to the back of the place, where Sharon was still waiting for her sandwich, and I remember thinking, ‘oh no, they’re heading toward Sharon!’

Good thing the popo arrived just in time to break it up. I’m not sure if anyone got arrested, but the one dude who started the fight had a really busted eye, and his blood was on the floor.  I was trying to be discreet taking the photos, since I was afraid of getting a beat down if they saw me. I think that’s probably why I didn’t major in Photojournalism.  As I wisely told Stewart: I’m small, almost a little person, and I can’t survive a beat down.

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Too funny! And I’m sure you’d scare off any attackers with some righteous Panamanian anger.

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