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Another graphic that went well with editors.

Two things that they wanted to show: geographical zip codes and home value data. I thought making a map at some sort of perspective would serve both purposes. Anyways, it was good to get some positive feedback.

I shot this concert a few weekends ago. I didn’t think any of the shots were spectacular, so I was in no hurry to post them, but since Christina asked.

Ask and you shall receive….

The main band was Anberlin. I didn’t think they there terrible. Sounded the same as most middle of the road rock bands, to be quite honest. But they were nicely dressed! Which is not only rare to see nowadays, but after experiencing the band right before them, it was a nice surprise.

I wanted to give them more of a chance, but really, I was slightly annoyed because a) security at the entrance made me feel 25 percent molested. Not even at the freaking airport have I been patted like that, and I had to take of my shoes! WTF? I asked why the security crackdown, and I pointed out it had not been like this when I came to see Sigur Ros. The guy goes “well, it depends on the type of crowd we think we’re going to get.” This made even less sense when I got inside and discovered that the crowd consisted of tweens and teens, some with their mothers. And b) the local band that came right before Anberlin, some guys called Scary Kids, Scaring Kids, was just down right awful. I’ll preface that we saying that I personally don’t like bands that make only “noise” instead of music-related noise. Obviously I had to stay for their whole set, but I couldn’t really tell you where one song started and the next one ended, it was all a continuous combination of screaming, running around like a crazy chicken, shirtless-ness and more noise.

So let’s just say that by the time it was Anberlin’s turn, my patience and tolerance was at an all time low. But I did have one slightly interesting shot from this bunch…

That was before the keyboardist decided to lose the shirt. Combined with the extreme low-rise jeans, I was thinking we’d have a guaranteed wardrobe malfunction. PS: flip flops are not very rock ‘n roll. Put some damn shoes on.

But I want to conclude on a good note, and say thanks to the security guys by the stage, who are always very nice and helpful. They prevent me from getting crushed by the people they pull from the crowd… always a plus. And they even recommend some good upcoming shows. One mentioned a metal band with cellos!? Interesting…

Music Tempe

Sigur Ros

Now, here’s a show that was worth every penny. Icelandic band Sigur Rós brought their unique style of rock n roll to the Marquee Theater in Tempe. The guys just put on an amazing show, with confetti and all! What more can you ask for? If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favor and go google them.

The lighting was amazing for very moody, dramatic photos. Not quite so good for faces. I just had so many favorites, it was tough to narrow them down.

Yes, you’re seeing correctly, Jonsi Birgisson, left, is playing his guitar with what I thought was a violin bow, but Wikipedia tells me it’s a cello bow. But man, he was playing that guitar so energetically and passionately, very cool.

Jonsi had by far the best lighting of any member on stage with him, therefore I have more photos of him. Either the other guys like the literal obscurity, or they need to have a word with the lighting guy.

He was “singing” into the guitar, which created a real different and cool reverberation.

A band called Parachutes opened for Sigur Ros, and towards the end of the concert they came back onstage to play together. (I still haven’t edited the Parachute photos, sorry!) They were an alright band, pretty good actually, but at one point I counted nine people on stage, so with that many band members, you better make good music. Geez, can you imagine? Nine people in a band? The fights they must!? I believe those are called riots.


The slideshow has a few more photos here.

I only shot for three songs, which was supposed to be only two, but security didn’t kick me and the other photog out of the pit. But even after the first three songs, I got to stay the rest of the show and just enjoy. Sigur Ros was one of the best bands I’ve seen this year, for sure. Only complain: Parking. Not that I mind paying $5 to park, but the fact that the deck had only ONE entrance, manned by ONE person, creating ONE heck of a line of cars. Took us over 30 minutes to just park. Get. It. Together. Tempe.

Arizona Graphics Music Tempe

Where are all the graphics?

Anyone who comes to this website probably thinks that I’m a photographer for the Republic, and that is an understandable assumption. My official title is Page Designer/Artist… not that I do any significant or creative page design. So I’m 99% a graphic artist, including multimedia flash projects. That said, I spend a lot of my time taking care of necessary yet unexciting graphics (locator maps, wire restyles, charts, etc.) which is why I seldom post any of them. But I’ve decided to be more proactive about posting graphics. It would be great to get some feedback from the few people who come by here!

Here’s one of the few that I’ve been really proud of, and that I put a lot of work into. It was supposed to be an A1 Centerpiece, but that all fell through.

Still, I loved being able to play with textures, colors and my 3D Illustrator/Photoshop skills. That’s really the only one that jumps out at me right now, but I’ll keep my eyes open for other semi cool graphics that I’ve done. I’m still working on that Flash project related to the puppies photoshoot, but unfortunately one of the other graphic artist was on vacation (well, unfortunate for me, not him), so this past week was pretty hectic and I didn’t have much time to work on Flash.

Back to photos. I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it brief. It was a concert for Cute is What We Aim for, and, from my research, I gather is a emo-ish, Fall Out Boy type band that appeals to the punk-rock teens? I actually liked the band before them better, Ace Enders and a Million Different People. It was hot hot hot in there, but not as bad as Modified.

I wasn’t particularly excited about any of the photos. I was struggling with my shitty lens (I wasn’t able to procure one from photo). And the Flash I borrowed was acting up too. But I think that was me over heating it. The photo above is maybe the only one I kinda liked. Oh and the wicked guitar down below, I just had to get a close up!

Random Scottsdale Tempe

Cupcakes and Fights

Sprinkles, a Beverly Hill based cupcake store, opened it’s doors here in Scottsdale this week, and though I was dismayed by the $3.25 a pop price, I had heard so much about this place that I had to stop by there before work. Judging by the line, I wasn’t the only one curious about these celebrity-favored treats. Sure enough, they were probably the best cupcakes I’ve had, ever. It’s perfectly situated across Fashion Square, so you can drown the sorrow of not fitting into those overpriced, zero-sized jeans with some overpriced cupcakes. That’s what I would do…

Check out a video on the opening of the store at

Changing gears dramatically here.

After a nice, low-key night out at Rula Bula on Mill Ave., we headed over to a sandwich shop where we were witnesses to one of those absurd drunken fights with nothing at stake other than manly man-ness. Some dude, who was absolutely plastered, stole some other dude’s chips and then threw them across the room… does it even matter? Here are some photos.

The guys not involved in the fighting are laughing their asses off on the sideline. Look at the poor table that got overturned… they were like a hurricane! I was cowering behind Stewart, quite ready to duck under the table if needed. The fight progressed to the back of the place, where Sharon was still waiting for her sandwich, and I remember thinking, ‘oh no, they’re heading toward Sharon!’

Good thing the popo arrived just in time to break it up. I’m not sure if anyone got arrested, but the one dude who started the fight had a really busted eye, and his blood was on the floor.  I was trying to be discreet taking the photos, since I was afraid of getting a beat down if they saw me. I think that’s probably why I didn’t major in Photojournalism.  As I wisely told Stewart: I’m small, almost a little person, and I can’t survive a beat down.

Music Tempe Third Thursdays

MGMT at Tempe Marketplace

Indie band MGMT had an amazing show at the Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, AZ this past month.  The free concert series is hosted by 103.9 every third Thursday of the month. Yes, it seems like PHX has a thing for naming events after particular days of the week (e.g. First Fridays). After the show MGMT became one of my new up-and-coming favorites, although in all fairness, the boys did look like they could use a good shower. I guess, that’s the ‘look’?  And where in this green earth did singer/guitarist Andrew VanWyngarden get his pants? 

Andrew VanWyngarden (left) and Ben Goldwasser perform at the Tempe Markteplace Third Thursday event in Tempe, AZ

Rock those pants, kid. Andrew VanWyngarden (left) and Ben Goldwasser perform at the Tempe Markteplace Third Thursday event in Tempe, AZ

Go check out their website and get a look at their uber-trippy video for ‘Time to Pretend’. Talk about a band on their way up, who know how to have a good time while delivering the goods for the audience. And who are not intimidated by the wholesome, clean, American-Idol, feel-good era which seems to be lingering a bit too long. MGMT is making a bigger and better plan. They’ll “move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars.”  While we will have to man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.

Sounds like a plan to me.