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Crossing the finish line

Both boats I was one this weekend failed to cross the finish line at some point. One abandoned the second race due to a spectacular equipment failure that left a brand new jib ripped in half and a hole in the main (the hole was square, therefore we concluded not the result of a cannonball, so there’s that).  In the other boat, we did two of the three races, but a crew member was not feeling well, so it was decided not to participate in the last race. Since the boat is from King Harbor, they sailed back straight away. My car was at Cal Yacht club so I jumped on the mark-set boat at the finish, which graciously offered to give me a ride back to shore.

Since there was still one race to go, I got to watch most of the other boats cross the finish line. I wasn’t in a particular photo-taking mood, but you can’t pass up a shot like this when you see it. It was the one and only shot I got.

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