By: Patricia On: June 25, 2012 In: Bud, Long Beach Race Week, Photography, Sailing, TP52 Comments: 2

On board TP52 Bud for Long Beach Race Week 2012, through the eyes of Instagram.

Snuck in a picture of the good-looking winners from Lugano (PHRF 4 class), Kynan and Chris.

By the Numbers:

2 — almost lost Colin overboard

577 — Zach said the F-word while packing a spinnaker

2,890 — Dave said ‘hike’

15 — illegal driving maneuvers on The Van

32 — gunshots heard near hotel room

10 — Jehova’s Witnesses that confused The Van with the hotel shuttle

10 — Jehova’s Witnesses used for rail meat

7 — races sailed fast

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  • colin
    July 15, 2012

    Twice? I Thought it was just once lol

  • Patricia
    July 16, 2012

    You must’ve missed the one time I almost shoved you over.

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