Sailing start to the year

Just a handful of photos from the New Year’s race down in San Diego. I was on board Bud, a TP52. Sadly, we were missing most of the regular crew, and we decided to take the first race mark with us rather than leaving it to port. A costly mistake (although we all agreed the mark was a good 12-15 feet away, so why our keel got caught on its line is debatable). It was a bummer, but it was also comical to look back just as we rounded the mark, to see this huge orange triangle right at our stern. The winds were pretty light and variable, and a downwind start was probably the slowest (and also pretty comical) start I’ve seen. Everyone was essentially drifting to the start. Likewise with the finish.

Max teaching the youngsters how to grind. [Insert dirty joke here]

Here’s hoping for an awesome sailing year in 2012!

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