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A new home by the beach

I’m living in Long Beach at the moment, and I’ll write more about that in a future post, but for now, I believe there’s been too much talking and not enough photos around here.

I met Manuel and Maria fishing by the Long Beach Marina. Manuel kept asking if I was from Univision, I’m guessing because of the big camera.

Manuel and Maria own a ranch out in Lancaster. A long time ago, two sales people came by his ranch and sold him a laptop, which he thinks he overpaid for, and I’m sure he did. They also sold him a hard water filter. The fact still bugs him, yet he gripped about it without the least trace of ill-will or bitterness. Since this anecdote was relevant enough for him to share with me, it’s relevant enough to write about on this post. Manuel and Maria come fishing quite often to catch dinner, and “because I like spending time with her,” Manuel said pointing his shin in Maria’s direction.

“You have to tell women things like that,” he said, in a lower voice, as if giving me advice. “So they feel flattered.”

Then there was Brian, an 18-year-old from Honduras. He moved to the United States 2 years ago, although he never wanted to move here in the first place. “But I adapt to wherever I am,” he said. “I go with it.” Brian admits he’s not the best fisherman, hardly ever catching anything, but he likes going there to think.

I met Godzilla, left, and Baby. Those are the lizards’ names, not the children, by the way. Although, those are strong contenders for my children’s names.

Their owner, Vee, was taking them for ‘a walk’. He has five lizards at home. I’m thinking he rotates which lizards he takes out, because keeping track of five lizard roaming around in public might be too difficult.

I regret not taking the time to put a bike rack on my car and bringing my bike. I could really use it right now.

I’m living in one of those boats. I cannot express my gratitude to the Benedict Family in terms that are as gracious as them. Thank you to everyone in the area who has touched base with me, asked if I need any help. As cliche as it sounds, it is in times like these when you truly discover friendships that will last a lifetime.

And a quick thanks as well to my friends in Phoenix for their help, well-wishes, going-away happy hours and lunches. You will be missed in the extreme. You already are missed.

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Patty, looks like you are already having a great time in LB! Where are you staying? All the pics you posted are right by my mom’s condo. In fact, you can see the buildings in one of them! Hope you are enjoying it! Love, Maggie Magster

Magster, your mom lives in a cool spot! And we literally do live right across the street from each other! Hope Florida is treating you well!

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