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Exploring San Juan

We did a lot today.

We started the day well by hitching a ride with a lovely family of tourists who let us share their cab for free. Then we spent the whole day visiting several forts, such as San Cristobal and El Morro. Since the SEA program is called “Documenting Change in the Caribbean” we have been talking a lot about this region, and it was great to finally put things into perspective by actually being here. San Juan is just full of historical places dating back to the Spanish colonization, and to hear the tour guide mention things we’ve been discussing in class was a slightly fulfilling moment.



We did a lot of walking around Old San Juan. Just gorgeous.



We also saw a lady get run over, although she seemed fine, and were overall tourists. Jamaica Kincaid would be ashamed. But I’m happy to report that we did stay and ate at local places. Well, except when Di and I crashed the Marriott’s pool. Good times.



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Wow, that just makes me want to go to Old San Juan even more! Remember that apartment that you could rent for a couple days on that home-rental web site? Definitely feel like I need to pursue a nice, long vacation there.

So, Betty, Russ and I watched your survival suit video. I felt like we needed some popcorn to go with the great comedy! Hope it didn’t hurt your knees when you fell!

Glad you are finally at sea. Can’t wait to hear even more about it when you come back!

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